Race type

It is a regularity race. Every starter does two runs, driving two laps solitary. The one with the most even lap times wins.

Nevertheless  we do  like speed,  so there  will also be  a special price for the fastest run!

Model year limit

Cars of  US makes and Motorcycles of all makes built up to and including 1962 are permitted.

We want to keep the style of traditional hot rodding and custom culture like it was from the start up to the early sixties. Therefore all vehicles taking part in the race should represent this.


Each vehicle will undergo a tecnichal inspection before being permitted to race.

Steering, brakes and running gear have to be to be working properly.

All attached parts of the vehicle have to be tightened.

Battery plus terminal has to be covered.

Headlights must be masked ore removed for racing.

Helmets are mandatory!!!

During and before racing drivers must not drink alcohol. This will be observed by local authorieies.